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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Which is good , Organic or Sponsor listing?

Well, if someone will do organic listing it will establish more long time and it shows a quality of website. Organic is called as original listings, for which SEO work will be done. Sponsor listing is giving more profit to search engine rather than the client. In this competition time all clients are trying to get profit originally and  for long time. If we say about Organic listings this is the best way to achieve these two at a time. Second search engine users are now more cognizant than before and they are not clicking the sponsor listings easily. They know the sponsor listing is not too much better than organic listings. So try to adopt Organic listings over Sponsor listing to get better result for your web site quality and trust worthy. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Future of SEO in 2013 – Adopt Upcoming Changes

In the year 2012, we saw some great changes in Google search engine algorithms that gave a huge shock to the search engine optimization world. This shaky innovation gave many companies to break in proceedings their upcoming SEO strategy and turn it around to a new direction. Few years back, implementing frequent keywords in a website was easy to rank it in 1st page of SERPs. But now, things have become difficult. It is getting more crucial to generate informative and quality content on a site.

The future of SEO in 2013 will be a blessing in disguise for those people who understand search engine crawler’s and spider’s algorithms. As an online business entrepreneur, you need to think about various advertising and branding methods. It won’t work, if you only target online social media platforms; you also have to be care enough to focus on different forms of marketing mediums like Banner Ads, Print, Radio, Television, Coupon programs and others. SEO in 2013 will consider what visitors desire.

In order to make your search engine optimization strategy for 2013, you need to stay updated and implement new methods to your online business program. Ignoring latest trends will help you to lead the race or you may be left behind. The future of SEO in 2013 entirely depends on your branding and marketing capability and how much friendly you are to pure white hat SEO techniques. Get ready to celebrate the New Year by following upcoming search engine strategies with a BANG. 

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Social Media Optimization - A Toll for Serious Businesses 

Social Media Optimization or abbreviated as SMO is a well-known part of the SEO industry. Today, this medium is one of the most effectual, easy and fastest method to reach customers, visitors and also clients. As per recent update, Google and Bing confirmed that they are also giving priorities in their searching terms in SMO, so it becomes a great value in SEO. Now, people who are looking for branding, advertising or creating best reputation this tool can work great. Few users use SMO sites as DO-follow back-link, but in a clear view it brings No-Follow linking that can only be used to generate traffic and revenue. Business that looks to hype their sales volume can now use social media sites to buck-up their business to greater levels. Gone are those days, when people use off-line advertising mediums like newspaper ads, palm-lets, banners, neon boards, radio, and television medium for branding and promotion. In this millennium, if you are too serious about top-notch branding, then social media sites are something that you need to rely on.

Is Google’s Penguin update is harmful to SEO world?

As a rumor spread that Penguin update is opponent to SEO sector, it is not true. I would say it is not true. We can say Penguin update has brought originality to SEO. They will affected who are not using Google’s proper method to optimize a site. Normally this update is a backlink cutter. It’ll cut your back link gradually. But you shouldn’t worry about this. Only 3.1% of all English quires are affected by this. But from another angle it has disadvantage on little SEO companies. As Panda update had benefits to small SEO companies and it had penalized to Big companies and its clients. By this update not only they are penalized for using SEO techniques, but they are also given a lower priority, which is losing them traffic and then profit for this. But mostly it is too good for SEO we can say. 

What to do?

1. Use quality content and original keywords.
2. Remove all duplicate pages from your website. 
3. Never use blackhat SEO techniques to optimize. 
4. Use social media sites to reach to your audience. 

And at last , don’t worry “Rome wasn't built in one day meaning”, so have patience and continue your work. Google ‘ll rollout a new update also. And Google should think about small SEO companies. 

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